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Hardly any sector is as dependent on so many external factors as the construction industry.
Materials, supply chains, fluctuating prices, qualified workers - everything has to fit.
There are also times when you, as an agent, have many orders but too few contractors.
You are in this situation right now? As an experienced project scheduler, we are happy to work with you!
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You submit the project, we provide the contractors

As professionals in the construction industry, we pursue the same goal: complete customer satisfaction. What could be more obvious than to use synergies? You submit your project to us, we provide the contractors, and all on clear and fair terms for everyone involved. That's how simple cooperation works:
  1. In a first step, we check the creditworthiness of the client. If the check is positive, we start the project immediately. If it is negative, the customer must pay a deposit as security.
  2. Keyword synergies: If a project is staffed with our contractors, the contracts of Fachkräfte e.V. are used. Our contracts are professionally reviewed and transparent for both sides. They regulate, for example, the right to rework in the event of poor performance on the one hand, or the non-appealability of claims arising from accepted services on the other. One of our sales staff will be happy to obtain the client's signature for you at the start of the project.
  3. We monitor the flow of money from the very beginning. W&W Personaleinsatz GmbH, as part of Fachkräfte e.V., issues invoices on behalf of the contractors, receives the amounts in trust and, if necessary, reminds the client of the outstanding amount. Upon receipt of the sum with which the client pays for the weekly service, the payment for the contractor and your commission is transferred on the same day.
  4. We take over the complete project disposition as well as the communication with the client for you. At the same time, we keep you up to date on everything that happens. What is also possible: We take you free of charge as a member in the Fachkräfte e.V.. You continue to maintain contact with your client and integrate him into the project process. You appropriate our proven work processes and thus contribute to maintaining the quality of our service, which is highly appreciated by our contractors.
  5. Fachkräfte e.V. stands for fairness and transparency on all lines: Your clients always remain your clients, just as our contractors remain our contractors. Thus, also the communication with our contractors is exclusively reserved for Fachkräfte e.V.. By accepting our framework agreement, you confirm that you will not do business with contractors who are under contract with Fachkräfte e.V.. At the same time we confirm that we will not arrange any direct business with the client without you. Basically, you as an intermediary decide whether a joint project with the client in the given constellation will be carried out at all.

The merit?
A win-win situation for all.

1. You determine the amount of your commission. But take into account in your considerations that the project must remain attractive to contractors.

2. our welcome gift to you: we reduce our own commission rate to allow more margin for you.
3. in principle, it is possible for you to be paid directly by the client. However, this means more effort for the client. We therefore recommend that you have the commission paid by Fachkräfte e.V.. As soon as the client has paid the invoice, we will transfer the agreed commission amount to you.

4. you can count on us to work with excellent subcontractors whose installers will reliably complete your project.

5. Our contractors will organize your accommodation themselves. You do not have to worry about that as an agent either.

6. Clear communication is a top priority for us. You can rely on competent contact persons in the office and in the field who will keep track of things for you.

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