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You have too much and at the same time too little?
Concretely: too many contractors and no suitable orders?

Here, too, we at Fachkräfte e.V. can help!

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How does that work?
Quite simply like this:

  1. You refer your contractor to us by registering the contractor on our website.
  2. In our tender portal you can search for the right job for your contractor. Alternatively, you pass on the access data to your contractor so that he can choose the project himself.
  3. We rely on using legally sound contracts, open communication, and clearly regulated cash flow.
  4. Ideally, communication with the contractor always goes through you. Unless you would like to hand this part over to us. In that case, we will do our utmost to keep you informed of all arrangements.
  5. Your contractors remain your contractors. They will not be poached by us, nor will we conclude contracts without you.

What do you earn on a project?
You determine that yourself:

1. You choose the amount of your commission and earn the same as if you had signed the project your contractor chooses. And with less effort.
2. Our welcome gift to you: to make your commission framework even more attractive, we reduce our own commission rate accordingly.
3. As soon as the client has paid the invoice, we will transfer the commission to you, same day with the outgoing payment to your contractor.

What you can count on when working with Fachkräfte e.V.

Fachkräfte e.V. is an experienced personnel and project dispatcher. We live fairness and transparency - in communication, in cooperation and in payment. As a renowned company we offer:

  1. Every week at least 60 new orders from credit-checked German clients. Signed and ready to fill.
  2. Above-average hourly billing rates, because quality has its price.
  3. Own trained employees in six Eastern European neighboring countries to choose from top subcontractors who have their fitters work through us in Germany.
  4. A competent and highly qualified team of experts in the office and field that keeps track of things for you.

Convinced? Then join us and become part of Fachkräfte e.V. NOW!

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