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Become part of the Fachkräfte e.V. as a intermediaries
and benefit from numerous advantages

Become part of Fachkräfte e.V. as a mediator and benefit from numerous advantages
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We bring together what fits together: you and us. You as expert intermediary in the construction industry with us as a long-standing and qualified personnel and project planner. With our offer we address likewise temporary employment agencies, who wish to staff projects from the main construction trade and are interested in Service companies without own assemblers, which currently hires other subcontractors (sub-sub) for the fulfillment of the construction project.


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As an entrepreneur in the construction industry, you know the situation: Either you have too many projects on German construction sites in your quiver, but no suitable contractors for them. Or you have too many contractors, but no suitable orders. If you are a service provider without your own fitters, enter into a contract for work and services with the client and hire additional subcontractors to fulfill the contract and the order, this can be to your disadvantage. You can be held fully accountable by the client - for orders that you did not carry out yourself!

You find yourself in that?
We offer two forms of cooperation:

Bring your contractor to our tender portal by registering him on our website! Or submit your projects to us so that our contractors take it over and execute it to the full satisfaction of all parties.

Why it pays to become a intermediary

Become part of the Fachkräfte e.V.! You benefit on all lines, for example

from the use of our proven administrative and organizational resources
from highly qualified contractors and
from lucrative commission ratesIn return, we even waive part of our own commission for you at the outset.

Advantages for intermediaries, temporary employment agencies and service providers without their own fitters

Our well thought-out contract constellation and our proven work structures result in the following for you advantages:

With the Use of our contract for workwhich is concluded between the contractor and the client, As a mediator, you can sit back and relax. They take on the same role they had before we started working together. However, in case of disputes, you save time and stress. Why? With our support, the work contract is concluded directly between the client and the executing contractor. As an intermediary, you cannot be held responsible for defects or outstanding invoices. This also applies to companies that do not have their own assemblers and hire other subcontractors to carry out the projects.
Please note
Since you do not have to pay the outstanding amount, but the client, this is clearly the best contractual option for you! The only risk that remains for you as an agent is the loss of the commission in case of non-payment.
Your entrepreneurial growth as an intermediary company remains secured. Simply because additional projects that the contractor carries out for you continue smoothly. Because contractors know very well that the one who has to pay the bill is the client. Contractors are aware that remaining projects must be properly completed.
The Framework agreement of the Fachkräfte e.V. sets out all the terms and conditions of the legal relationship that arise through cooperation with us. Through this framework agreement, we assure all intermediaries, among other things, not to conduct direct business with the parties referred by the intermediary.

We at Fachkräfte e.V. take care of everything that is necessary for the Proper execution of a project for example, the documentation of all processes and the storage of the papers. As you can see: Here, too, you save a lot of time and effort!

For operators of a temporary employment agency is the procurement of orders to the Fachkräfte e.V. a lucrative business addition. Whenever one of your clients requires columns that are adjusted to each other and work independently, we are the right contact for you! Many of our project planners are familiar with the work processes of temporary employment agencies from their previous professional experience. Thus, they can optimally respond to your requirements and act.

As a temporary employment agency, you avoid the problem of not being allowed to place temporary workers in the main construction industry by cooperating with Fachkräfte e.V.. With our contract constellation, you can use the columns consisting of skilled workers from our Use subcontractors on any construction site. Contact us if you have a project to assign or click "Submit orders as an agent" to learn more! Subunternehmern auf jeder Baustelle einsetzen. Kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie ein Projekt zu vergeben haben oder klicken Sie auf „Als Vermittler Aufträge übermitteln“ um mehr zu erfahren!

Read on and see for yourself.

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